Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Chindu chundakkai

I remember being put to sleep on my father's shoulders - he used to walk around the garden singing abcd... After my brother and i grew up a bit, he used to tell us stories and put us to sleep. Or rather, he used to fall asleep telling stories!! We would try waking him up or prodding him to tell us the story correctly. He used to reply that the protagonist of the story had gone off to sleep or was busy in a meeting or had taken the train and it could be continued only the next night. The stories would evolve every day based on what was happening in the city, in house, office, with his friends etc. We could also actively contribute and turn the story which ever way we wanted. Our favorite story was that of the chundakkai, a tiny bitter berry, which was always taking off from his mother plant and running away to explore the world.  In his honor, i present Chindu the chundakkai story, as it is evolving with my brats. I am just writing out the rhymes, leaving out the tamil story portion. Will try to get it out in a bit.

ஒரு ஊரில், ஒரு farmer தாத்தா இருந்தாராம். Daily, அவர், .தன் வயலில் வளௌந்த காய்கரிகளை பறித்து, தனது கூடையில் எடுத்துக் கொண்டு சந்தைக்கு

To the market, to the market, to the market off we go!
In a basket, in a basket, in a basket off we go!

Here comes a red car
The market is so far
Will you please take us along??
We will sing you a beautiful song

Carrots, beans and peas
Baked in cottage cheese
Yummy yummy yum
Thank you, my dear mum

Oh my, oh dear
You came without telling your mum?!!
She will fret and fear
search far and near
Wont rest till she knows you are safe and here.
What have you done, you naughty baby bum!!?

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