Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The season has begun

There is no place like home. No place that I enjoy so much. Just the months of November, December and January are sufficient to make madras the best place in the world. There is so much art and culture happening live in the city that it takes my breath away. I love the evenings with the crisp cool air, that favors the women airing out their traditional kanchipuram sarees. I love stepping into the serene atmosphere of kalakshetra - witnessing a performance there is akin to a transcendental experience. Music academy is the snobbish crowd. Narada gana sabha is for the aam-aadmi. Brahma gana sabha, mylapore fine arts, vani mahal, hamsadhwani - so many art clubs. How I love chennai! Much as I have enjoyed living in various places, this is certainly where I feel the happiest! 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

growing legs...

My mom used to scold me when I used to ask her to join me in my search for my math homework notebook just before starting to school. She used to tell me "where could it have gone? Search in the same place that you used it last. It could not have grown legs and walked away some place..."

Some times, it really feels like things are willfully hiding from us. Part - 5 of a tamil book series was simply missing for two weeks. We searched in all places and then decided to buy another copy. So, finally on sunday - we went all the way to higginbothams, which was one of the few shops stocking this book and got another copy.

Today - exactly 3 days later, it turns up beneath the inverter in the new house.


Monday, December 17, 2012

When pity hurts more than hurt...

Well meant pity hurts more than hurt itself. It is like the rest of the world has acknowledged your defeat, even when you think there is a standing chance. It makes the fight that bit more difficult. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

A star in the house

My cousin's husband used to tell me, that you just need to figure out if the person you were interviewing would be managable by you. If so, you should say yes and get married. You could not get the perfect man, because he would be a gentleman in some aspects and an a*****e in some...That if you felt a click for some reason, you should go ahead. 

Though most of the time, we make each other tear our hair out, I sometimes get a glimpse of totally unexpected warmness, beauty, appreciation and happiness, that it makes me feel that the person to whom I said "yes - I will", is "the person" in this world for me! 

He surprised me with a white and silver christmas star to hang outside the house yesterday.