Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My butterfly hero

The bangle was handed down one generation to another on her maternal side. It was a delicate openable one with screws to tighten it. Deep somber red rubies alternating with smooth creamy white pearls set inside alternating flowers and leaves in gold. Since it could be opened and closed, the bangle itself was smaller and used to bind her wrists a little bit tighter than normal bangles.

She liked it when he tried to clasp her hand and put on the bangle. This time, he tried to tighten it a bit more than required and the connection between the leaf and the flower snapped. Though the jewellery as such did not have much value for her, the fact that it held so many memories hurt. As endearing as it was, she wished he could be a bit less clumsy.

They were driving back. She was humming long lost tamil songs.She could never remember the lyrics. Only the tunes got stuck in her head. After the first two lines, any song turned into lalala or nanana... He was enjoying the drive and her music at a steady 120 kmph.

The butterfly was black with blue spots and got caught in the wiper on the windscreen. He pulled over to the side and gently plucked it out. It flew away.

She clapped her hands in delight and wondered if he had indeed broken the bangle. 

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