Sunday, May 08, 2011

Not so bad a world to be in.

I saw this person... He was a competitor at a vendor meet during the opening of the tender. A bit elderly. Not particularly tall. Was wearing neatly pressed clothes. Just a faint outline of vibuthi was visible. Whatever little was remaining after the morning of travelling in the sun and sweat. His face was radiating warmth and peace. I broke into an automatic smile of acknowledgement and happiness on seeing him. Did not get to speak to him.

After we left the place, my cousin asked me who he was. I replied that I did not know. Sometimes, we come across people who glow with peace and happiness, who walk around with a smile - like they have the buddha inside them. We feel happier to have just seen them. I guess, it taps something inside us and reassures our belief in goodness of the world.

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