Monday, November 12, 2007

P. James magic show...

He saw the chap dipping a brush into the mug of black paint that he had deposited on the side of the platform and write

P. James
magic show

He had seen this sign across the city. On platforms, on telephone booths, bus shelters, behind buses, lavatories. He stopped near the man, whom he presumed to be P. James and asked him "so, what magic can you do?"

"hmm? - all the normal stuff - I can make things appear, disappear, remain suspended in air, produce an egg from your bottom, pull rabbits and doves out of caps and duppattas, cut a cloth into pieces and rejoin it in front of your eyes... Would you like me to perform for you sir? This is my card..."

"No, no - I was just curious. Thanks for explaining."

"oh - ok. I have to go and write my contact number in ten more places for the day. bye. and can I have my card back, please?"

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satsang said...

that man created so curiosity in me that I longed to see his face. Not that wanted to but just out of curiosity. Similarly I came across a lady in her 40s whom I always saw sitting on various platforms in various localities of Chennai. She wears an old pant and full shirt. To my amazement I found her quite often in Madras university library and BCL, writing something on white sheet of paper. I even tried talking to her and once I really did. She spoke fluent English. Better than someone who’s in the writing profession like me. You never know what’s hiding behind a person’s outer image.