Monday, April 30, 2007

Emancipation from the tresses!

She had conquered the numbers so long ago...
and the laws of Newton and Galleleo;
had fallen asleep cracking codes
and could quote
the bard with the same ease
as she could paint the skies and the seas!

But, what fears she faced
as she sat on the chair!
with lights turned on and
choices abound
Now came the dresser
to make her call...
To determine if her choice
would take the fall!

She had frizzy hair!
Not the kind that would tumble down
to curve around, a face so fair!
She wanted to wear a shorter crown
But the dresser said
"curls wont look good on you, my dear;
neither would short hair
you should wear it long and tie it back
and maybe gel it down, to get it slack"

To hell with the dressers thoughts, she decided -
even if it meant looking like a polliwog, uncapped!
She would have her hair cut short,
and love her frizz, curls and what not!
As the tresses fell,
she wondered about the face that would result
and the questions that would swell
around a simple summer haircut!

Beneath the dressers cloak,
she unclasped her crossed fingers
and slowly opened her eyes
to see the unfamiliar face in the surrounding mirrors
What a difference the loss of tresses made!
The need for approval by now fade
into the recesses of her mind
as she reveled in herself - her sparkling new find!

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