Monday, May 29, 2006

Missing me

I shall be gone today. Far away to a land where coffee shops and martial arts will not strike the same chord in me. where running marathons will be looked upon as a crazy thing. where I shall miss my loneliness a lot. where there is no space for silence of thought.

I shall miss being me for a short while and then my self will coalesce with the larger entity and become one of the masses. And there will no longer be a me. only a we. and my memories of here will no longer have a place. History will be rewritten to suit the present and an appropriate future.

1984 played live in 2006.

A different future...

I shall miss being here for a short while. I shall miss J and N. But, I have missed K for the longest while and I shall be back with her. And I hope to find L and get M. And the elusive H will resurface there too. I live a lot richer for the last four years of my life.

1984 - if it is all about rewriting, this is my choice!

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