Sunday, October 16, 2005


He wanted to ride a butterfly! A big black and yellow monarch one. Despite his size and age, he so badly ached to ride... Alone. No more mom and aunts waiting with cobwebs to catch hold of him, if he fell. He wanted to ride the butterfly from one flower to another, swooshing with the wind and fluttering in the breeze. He had already painted pictures, weaved stories about the daring, brave adventures that he and Mishula would have... They would understand one another perfectly, swooping down at the last moment, escaping from the gaint spider and he would take Mish to the secret honeysuckle groves... They would have so many adventures together.

He had spotted Mish yesterday. Among the hundreds of other butterflies that were fluttering up and down in the breeze... It was love at first sight. He knew that Mish was the one for him. Before he decided to take the plunge and talk to Mish about his plans, he had to show Mish to his best friend... He imagined her smile and rapture at seeing so fine a fly as Mish. Broad black shiny wings, with a velvetty coat of fine thin hair. And myriad yellow - red designs that one could make out in a crowd. And the serration of the wings... And the graceful elegance of his flight and swoops and glides... Oh - it was like seeing music! It would definitely be one proud elf seen riding on Mish! How he wanted to be that one... And he wondered if the two of them could ride Mish together.

He got her to the field of grasses, daisies and dandelions, where he had spotted Mish first... He had eyes only for her and Mish. He longed for the look of approval from her. She just saw a field of grasses, daisies, dandelions and hundreds of butterflies...

He lost his loves in that one instant of non-recognition - of the most handsome butterfly he thought he had ever wanted to ride and the most beautiful elf he had thought he had fallen in love with.

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